Marquette Opinions: Budget Repair & Teachers’ Rights

By Lori Fredrich — In the wake of the recent unrest in Wisconsin — surrounding Governor Scott Walker’s Budget Repair Bill and the debate over collective bargaining rights — I thought it would be useful to highlight some of the things that have been written by Marquette University faculty and students over the past week or so on the topic.

Each of the blog posts featured below tackles the topic from a different angle.  And the opinions expressed come from educators with varying levels of experience.  But every single one focuses on the ways in which the field of education is impacted by the decisions that are made on Capital Hill.

Feel free to read and let us know what you think!


Constitutional Rights in Action
Lisa Mazzie, EDPL Doctoral student/Associate Professor of Legal Writing, Marquette Law School
All eyes are on Wisconsin these days.  Governor Scott Walker unveiled details of his budget repair bill on February 11; the bill itself is 144 pages, but provisions that immediately captured attention were those that remove the collective bargaining rights of most state and local employees.  By Monday, February 14, when the bill was introduced, protestors began to fill the Capitol building in Madison.  As the week went on, more and more people descended on the Capitol to protest the passage of the bill, with Saturday’s crowd topping at an estimated 68,000, 60,000 of whom flooded the Capitol grounds and square, while another 8,000 filled the Capitol building itself.  Even more were expected yesterday, which was a furlough day for many state employees.   What is happening in Madison, Wisconsin, is monumental… [read more]

Fighting for Me
Patrick Johnson, COED student teacher
In the wake of all the issues erupting in the state of Wisconsin, I have found myself not questioning my career choice, but being strengthened in my future endeavors. I will not walk like many faculty members have, I will not protest, and I will not leave my students behind… [read more]

Will MPS Get Squeezed Extra Hard?
Alan Borsuk, Senior Fellow in Law and Public Policy, Marquette Law School
We’re entering uncharted territory when it comes to school issues statewide. I think it was clear from pretty far back that Gov. Scott Walker and Republican leaders in the Legislature were going to push for state employees and for teachers across the state (who are not state employees, but the state can influence their job situations) to pay significant shares of their health insurance and pension payments. But I was caught off guard by the move to take away almost all the unions’ bargaining role, as Walker proposed last week… [read more]

If You Want to Know What’s Going On in Madison, Wisconsin, Don’t Ask the Local News
Sonja Whipp, COED aluma
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where I currently reside, has four major news stations and one major newspaper, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. These local news sources, like every local news source across Wisconsin and now America, have been reporting on all of the latest developments of the budget protests in Madison, Wisconsin and providing up-to-the-minute information whenever possible. The protests started seven days ago and when they did, they were given some interesting labels by the local news.  The protests in Madison were referred to as “Mayhem in Madison,” “Madtown Frenzy” and “The Mad City Showdown.”   Mayhem in Madison? To me, the word mayhem implies absolute chaos… [read more]

Not everyone writes a blog — but everyone’s opinion is important.   Where do YOU stand when it comes to budget repair and teachers’ rights?

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