Being Patient

Ryan ManningBy Ryan Manning — First of all, I am incredibly excited to be able to contribute to the Marquette Educator. The opportunity to document my experiences as a new professional in higher education for the College of Education community is a truly thrilling opportunity for me.

I became interested in Student Affairs as a profession like most other educators do, through the influence of an outstanding mentor. Hopefully, I can provide some of the same inspiration for other future educators and higher education professionals!

But before I do that, I should probably introduce myself. I graduated from the College Student Personnel Administration program in May 2011. Prior to graduation, I served as the Assistant Hall Director in Schroeder Hall at Marquette, where I truly developed a love of working to support the learning and personal development of college students. Currently, I am searching for my first professional opportunity in higher education student affairs, probably in residence life, while living in my hometown of Boston, Massachusetts.

Since I am still fully immersed in the job search process (though I expect it to be wrapping up soon fingers crossed), I am constantly looking at new job opportunities and how well they would fit my skills and goals as a professional.

Though it can certainly be limiting in the amount of possible positions, the biggest piece of advice I can give to any emerging professional, “Be patient and know that the perfect match is coming, you just have to wait for it.” If my time at Marquette gave me anything, it was the confidence to know that I have all of the passion and skills necessary to be an outstanding new professional, and to know that I can afford to be a little bit picky when choosing how I will be spending the next 3-5 years of my life.

While my job search process has certainly led to some moments of great stress and frustration, I am comfortable knowing that I am learning so much about myself and what is important to me in a new position.

I hope to remain in an urban environment, not only for the social opportunities it affords to me, but also so that I can continue to provide students with opportunities to become educated about social justice issues and impassioned to create change in the world. During my time in grad school, I have also gained a great deal from my involvement in the National Association for Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA), a professional organization for student affairs professionals.  My hope is to find work with an institution and department that support my efforts to further my professional development.

That’s what is important to me as I continue my job search process.
What’s at the top of your list?

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