Here I Go Again: Another First at Marquette

By Sabrina Bong — My youngest cousin recently began his college search for the university to call “home away from home.” Since I had just graduated, he thought that I would be a great resource to help him navigate the labyrinth that is the college search. He asked me what I had looked for in schools, why I chose Marquette University, and then what prompted me to stay there as I pursue my Master’s degree in School Counseling.

When I chose Marquette as a senior in high school, I believed that I was choosing a place where I would not only be recognized as an individual, but also somewhere that would help me grow into a responsible, dedicated young woman.

Many of the other universities I explored did not recognize me as Sabrina, a student who was interested in pursuing degrees in Broadcasting and Psychology. I felt as though I was just an ID number at the other colleges. At Marquette, I was immediately recognized as an individual. This idea was confirmed my first week of class. I was in a lecture hall of over 200 students, all of us excited about starting our careers. By the second or third week, my professor knew all of our names. We were more to him than just a random ID number or a scantron sheet.

But my professors did more than just teach. They also ensured that we students understood how to apply these concepts to the real world. In my Broadcast and ElectronicCommunication classes, I learned how to work in a professional control room. I had the opportunity to work  in a lab and apply my psychology knowledge to real situations. When I graduated with my undergraduate degree, I knew that I was prepared for the real world. So naturally, I wanted to ensure that I would be just as well prepared after my Master’s. When it came time for me to apply to graduate school, Marquette was at the top of the list.

Throughout my four years as an undergraduate, the reasons I initially chose Marquette kept being confirmed. I wanted a place that put an emphasis on helping others: Marquette’s numerous service projects and organizations allowed me to work with the entire Milwaukee community and meet people from several different walks of life. I wanted a place I could grow: my teachers and advisers helped me move beyond my comfort zone.

Marquette is still the university that feels like my second home. Whether I am in the studio at Johnston Hall, grabbing a coffee at the Brew, or studying in the lobby of Cramer Hall, I am completely at ease. I love that the campus is in downtown Milwaukee, because it not only offers access to a variety of restaurants and other night life activities, but it also has several opportunities to get involved with the greater Milwaukee area. As my first week of graduate classes draw to a close, I am still confident in Marquette and all it has to offer.


Sabrina Bong ‘11 is a first year Master’s student in School Counseling program. Though new to graduate school, she is not a stranger to Marquette, having graduated in May with majors in Broadcast and Electronic Communication and Psychology.  In addition to blogging, Sabrina enjoys reading, cooking, and attending any Wisconsin sporting event. While her heart bleeds green and gold, she also likes the Brew Crew, the Admirals, and – of course! – Marquette’s great Golden Eagles! In her spare time, Sabrina volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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