Just Be Yourself: Halloween Lessons

 By Maureen Look-Ainsworth — I remember when we were children in the early and mid 1970’s trick or treating in our costumes around the neighborhood in full fashion for what seemed like an entire day.  We were so excited we talked about what we would wear weeks ahead.

Just having moved to Milwaukee from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, my brothers were RCMP’s (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) known as The Mounties.  Dark, blue trousers with gold strapping on the side, knee high patrol boots, accented by the belted red patrol jacket with an open collar stretched its way where the pants puffed out at the top of the thigh.  I was a doll, with large rosy circles painted on my cheeks, and my older sister, was a Raggedy Ann Doll, who wore a blue dress most certainly down at a modest length, with a small apron accenting the striped socks and her adorable dress shoes. We paraded from house to house with our large paper grocery sacks acquiring more candy than anyone should ever be allowed to eat in a lifetime, much less two months before the Christmas candy was delivered!

Sometimes to get ready for Halloween, my friends and I would dress up in adult bridesmaid dresses bought from Goodwill (probably size 0 by today’s standards) and masquerade, laughing in a silly girl-like way knowing that others could see through all the terribly applied makeup and the flowing, ill-fitted gown in adult high heels we thought we would never be able to fit!

We pretended as if we were royal girls not being cordial or saying hi to anyone who we might really know in “real” life.  I will always be amazed at our imaginations in which we really thought we became the clothes we were fitted with!  How easily my imagination ran wild with foolish thoughts about how I became that princess or bridesmaid! I was fooled by the resolve that I could really become someone else who was not me, just someone who looked like me. I tried not to show my real self.  I tried to hide so that the light of my human side, the flaws, the imperfections would so tastefully just disappear!

How easily can we can all fooled by our imaginations to believe that the very car we drive, the money our parents have or the clothes that we wear might change the condition of our human heart that is flawed from the fall of man into sin. We seek to amend that sinful self and desire someone or something that might be more amenable, acceptable or presentable to others around us. We are worried about judgment from others who place us under high power magnification to reveal the flaws as only a microscope could. How simple life would be if everyone would just be themselves, without pretense and misguided perception to show the world around us that we, as believers in Christ, are real believers, guided by a Divine hand leading us to understand that we are really in search of God, not hiding behind the falseness of the material world around us.

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