Green Beer, Fish’n Chips, and Basketball

By Jonathon Sumpter — March is the quietest busy month on the calendar. No comparison to Christmas, Easter, the Super Bowl, and the like, March still commands respect from any calendar viewer. March Madness (GO Marquette!!), St. Patty’s Day (go green beer!!), and Lent (go fish’n chips!!) are the big three that come to my mind. No matter what your celebration of choice, there is a spirit of change in the air. March Madness breathes a breath of momentary change: win or go home. St. Patty’s Day often begs a change of sensibility around about 2 a.m. And no matter which Lent you’re talking about, the whole point is change. For the not so obvious point: when you reach into your pocket and pull out a wad of lent, it’s about time to do laundry.

However, March for the Masters in Community Counseling student is the preface of life choices. March is a reminder that in one month, we will face class finals, projects, wrapping up internship placements, studying for the national tests for future licensure and passing the program. After this, in the same month planing for careers, moving, networking, 401k planning, and setting up steps for the future.

March has a hint of excitement, a sense of urgency, and a shroud of possibility. How the time has flown from my graduate program experience. I moved to Wisconsin three years ago to be with my wife, get my Masters degree, and pursue my future. Looking back at all I have done, I can only imagine what comes next. For now, though, I have a lot of planning and preparing to do. For the moment, I’ll stick with the green beer, fish’n chips, and MU basketball, the rest will come, and change, in due time.

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