Sandstorms and Student Affairs: Interning in Kuwait

Sand storm in Kuwait

By Zaynab Baalbaki — After fourteen hours of sitting on a plane, I have successfully arrived in Kuwait! To celebrate my arrival Kuwait decided to show their appreciation by hosting a sand storm.

I have been to Kuwait before (because I have family who lives here), but I have never experienced a sand storm. They are not fun. I first noticed the sand storm during my first night here. My sleeping was disturbed by the smell and, taste of sand in the air. It was an experience I’ve never had before.

It is now day three and the sand storm is still going full force. On the first day of my internship the air and sky was filled with an orange-brownish glow from all the sand. I couldn’t see buildings from my apartment window that were on the next block. My apartment by the way, is pretty awesome. I have my own bedroom and bathroom. Its bigger than my apartment in the states. I share with a roommate who works as the other intern.

Enough about the weather — let me tell you why I am in Kuwait. I am here completing an international internship in student affairs. I will be working in American University of Kuwait (AUK) for two months. I will be working in two different placements. My primary placement is in Career Service and Wellness. My secondary placement is in Academic Advising Center.

Today was my first day of work.

American University of Kuwait (AUK) Campus

I began the day with a tour of campus. It’s a nice small campus. I also got my photo taken for a campus ID. Afterwards, I completed some paper work and was welcomed by the VP of Administration & Student Affairs. Then I had two separate meetings with my different placements.  With all the commotion and craziness of the first day, I didn’t get a chance to grab lunch. I shared that information with my supervisor and he graciously took me out to eat, and we had our final meeting as a casual lunch. Overall, it was a great first day. I am really excited to start working on the projects and help develop and solidify student affairs at AUK.


Zaynab Baalbaki is a graduate student in the College Student Personnel program. She is originally from Milwaukee. Her research interests include educational justice, race and class issues in education and math education. Her personal interests are soccer, cooking, and gardening.

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