Time Flies: My Wishes for the Future

By Jacqueline Boratyn — Two weeks in Rome has flown by SO quickly.  This week we saw the glorious Sistine Chapel, The Jewish Ghetto, and Santa Maria Aracoeli.

When we were sitting on the steps of Santa Maria, we were posed a question by Dr. Fine as to what we think our thoughts would be if we were to return to that very place 10 years from now. As I was journaling I realized that when I was younger ’10 years from now’ seemed like a lifetime, but as I grow older days and even years continue to go by faster and faster.

I feel like just yesterday I was arriving in Rome and I’m only days away from leaving this beautiful city. Over the past two weeks I have not only learned more about my role as a teacher, but about myself as a person and the relationships I engage in.

now before remembering a book I found when I was at home. It was a journal book that asked questions that ranged from ‘who’s your best friend?’ to ‘where do you see yourself in 10 years?’…all of which I filled out when I was 12 years old. I giggled as I flipped through the pages seeing that although my best friend Beth hasn’t changed, I don’t think I plan on getting married, having 2 kids, a dog, and my own house in the next 2 years. The concept of time to me as a child was so different than it is now…in the blink of an eye everything can change.

As I sat on the steps of the church, I remember thinking about how I can only hope to be able to return 10 years from

Ten years from now I hope to be teaching, having those kids, a dog, a house…all of which a mere 8 years ago I would have thought I would have accomplished by now. This book not only showed me the distortion of time, but how things can stay the same but change drastically as well. Although things may look the same if I were to return to this place in Rome in the future, my life definitely will be different. My experiences (such as this one) make me who I am.

I will hope to be able to make the changes in the lives of those I teach and in turn learn from them and change myself. I will hopefully learn to expect the unexpected; prepared for the worst, and hope for the best. Through doing this I will be able to see the changes I hope for in my future. I challenge every person to live every day to their fullest because those ’10 years from now’ aren’t promised to everyone…as a close person use to always say to me, ‘don’t put off for tomorrow what you can get done today’.

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