Hands on Learning in Munich

By Jacqueline Boratyn — It’s sad to leave a place you have learned to call home.

My experience at John Felice Rome Center has shaped me in a way that has made me become a better person daily.

From trips to classes I have explored the unknown and the wonderful world of education. Being around people who were strangers a mere two weeks ago and now being able to call them some of my closest friends has showed me the true value of being a friend to everyone. This week I had the pleasure of being able to begin my travels across Europe with my friend and sorority sister Marie Fredrickson.

First stop: Munich, Germany.
I never really realized how different places in Europe were. I think Munich has become one of my favorite cities in Europe. Despite the rain, our first stop upon arrival was the Deutsches Museum. Here we got to see all the amazing accomplishments of Germany. Everything from boats to ships to musical instruments and Physics was found in this museum.

I think my favorite part was playing with all the Physics experiments. As someone who isn’t extremely excited every time she picks up a physics book, I was surprised to see how many of the experiments for us to play with I had already had the chance to experience both in high school and here at Marquette. It was exciting to run from one to another pressing buttons and seeing what happens with an ‘I’ve done this before!’ expression.

Although my education course is over I am still learning from my travels and my experiences. I am constantly thinking about my science classes in this museum as well as continually shocking myself at how much I really did know about physics. It’s amazing how the brain works…all those days I dreaded sitting through two hour lectures and 2 hour labs ended up paying off immensely.

My fun in Munich didn’t stop here though. We saw the old city (filled with butcher shops, bakeries, and cheese shops), a number of beer halls, churches, and even surfers surfing on a river…something I never expected to see in Germany…let alone in 60 degree weather.

I’m going to be disappointed to leave this amazing city, but I know I will be back. Munich is a beautiful city with wonderful people, and I will never forget my experience here.

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