Next Stop: Vienna Austria!

By Jacqueline Boratyn — I’ve had a blast being in Vienna. I haven’t visited here in about 4 years.

It has been an eye-opening experience to return to a place I haven’t seen in a while and see all the changes that have

occurred. We took Vienna to be our place of relaxation; a place we would roam the streets and just enjoy being in a city so different than home. We visited a number of different sights including the government buildings, museum square (which I found very similar to what we in Chicago call Museum Drive), and the city square. We were lucky enough to have a friend in Vienna who showed us around and gave us the insights to what we should see.

I think my favorite part of the city is the art we’ve seen everywhere. For one, St. Stephen’s Cathedral was a very unique church. It had huge stain glass windows that created a rainbow within the church. It was absolutely beautiful. I have never seen a church designed in such a distinctive way.

Vienna was also filled with a number of different art forms based off entertainment. From “floating” human statues to a man who created a breathtaking painting using nothing but spray paint, pots, and paper.

Vienna taught me the art of simplicity and thinking outside the box. It was here that I realized it’s not about having a lot of money or the latest fashions; it’s not about having to spend a ton of time to create something beautiful. When we take a step back and see the beauty in the common things of life, we create a more gorgeous world just by existing in it.

I am so thankful for the travels I have had so far, and can’t wait to see what’s next to learn. I love how much this experience has been opening my eyes, and can’t wait to see the changes in myself upon my return to the U.S.

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