M → E → A → S

By Bill Henk – Sometimes profound and complicated truths can be expressed simply.  Yesterday I came across one of these gems for education.  Short and sweet, but spot on.

In fact, the title of today’s post says it all once you know the concepts the letters represent.

This straightforward formulation came from a keynote address given by Stephen Smith, President of Naviance, a software provider described as partnering with high schools and other K-12 institutions to supply students with college planning and career assessment tools.  His remarks, which were excellent by the way, were made to members of the unique and highly successful Cristo Rey Network of Catholic high schools and interested higher education shareholders like me, although most were admissions folks.  For the record, my interest centers instead on the feasibility study that the College of Education is doing for a Milwaukee Cristo Rey school.

Some of you will read the “equation” and say, “Duh, no kidding!”  That’s because nothing about this tidy model is new per se.  Its power resides in having crisp, yet far-reaching components that express, in exactly the right sequence,  how learners move from affect to success.

My guess is that Stephen wouldn’t claim this conceptualization as being original or try to parlay it into anything grandiose.  He just put it out there matter of factly.  But to me, there is NOTHING mundane about it.  The wisdom it conveys in utter simplicity just spoke to me.  It said, “This is blogworthy.”  So here you go.

Motivation leads to Engagement; Engagement leads to Achievement; and Achievement leads to Success.   That’s it.

Ah-ha.  Voilá.  Eureka.  Shazam.  End of story.  End of post.

How’s that for a little ‘short and sweet’ of my own?

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