Celebrating Learning: Breakthrough Fort Worth

By Erin Galvin — On Saturday, July 28, 2012, Breakthrough Fort Worth held its culminating event, Celebration, to recognize the accomplishments of our students this summer.

The event included two parts: Presentations of Learning and a brief ceremony in the auditorium.

For Celebration, each student created a Presentation of Learning.  The Presentation of Learning included a student display to highlight his or her accomplishments at Breakthrough this summer.  The display included one assignment that the student was proud of from each academic subject with a brief explanation about why the student chose to highlight that particular assignment.

Emphasis was placed on students selecting assignments that they put a significant amount of effort into rather than the assignments that they received a perfect score on in order to promote a growth mindset.  In addition to acknowledging accomplishments in academic subjects, students displayed images from their clubs or team photos that explained other important moments of their summer at Breakthrough.  At Celebration, students had an opportunity to explain their displays to their family members and friends.  As a teacher, I felt privileged to listen to Breakthrough students discuss their work with a sense of pride and accomplishment!

The second part of the event involved the presentation of several awards, a speech from one of the 9th graders, the student song, and the teacher song.   This was an opportunity for one student from each grade level, one teaching assistant, and one teacher to be honored for their dedication and pursuit of excellence.  Finally, both students and teachers sang a song to capture the events of the summer and the emotions associated with leaving Breakthrough.  At the ceremony, we celebrated our community and prepared to say goodbye to our friends.

While it was difficult to say goodbye to such an inspiring group of scholars, it was heartwarming to see them share their love of learning with their families and think of the amazing futures that my students will have in the world of academia.

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