To-Do Lists in the Age of Technology

By Ashley McFadin — As a proud member of the 9th grade homeroom committee, we recently sat down to chat about different ways for students to track their assignments using their computers.  We started naming all of the things that we use that are technology-based that we could easily transfer skills to our students.  The following is a list of my favorites:

(1) Stickies

Stickies is an Apple-based app that is an electronic post-it note.  Students can either put it on their desktop or on their “dashboard”.  Below is an example of how a student uses Stickies to track their homework.

As you can see, the student uses a different colored stickie for each class.  That way, they can differentiate between classes much more easily.

(2) Evernote

Software that is also a web-based application that is also a phone app (available on Android and iPhone), Evernote is an electronic notebook.  It’s options are pretty endless.  It can be like a journal, or a to-do list holder.  It also has the option of posting your “note” in your “notebook” to Facebook or Twitter (which is probably more useful if using it as a journal).

(3) Google Calendar

My personal favorite.  I use Google Calendar to organize my lesson plans on my work account.  It sends me an email reminder if I so choose and reminders can be set for days to seconds before the “appointment” occurs.  One of the best features of Google Calendar, in my opnion, is that you can have multiple calendars viewable at the same time!  For example, in the screen shot below, I am viewing both the calendar for my science class and the calendar that tells me what my (cross-curricular) team is doing.  That way, I know not to schedule anything too intense on days that they are doing research in English.  Genius!

Bonus:  Google Calendar automatically syncs with iCal on my iPhone.  It shows the reminders on my home screen!

What ways do you organize yourself with technology?

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