Tech Tools – Wall Wisher

By Ashley McFadin — As a teacher, I love post-it notes and I believe that all teachers should invest in 3M stock.

Post-it notes are great for everything, especially taking student responses and making them more mobile.  For example, at the beginning of this year, students needed to answer six questions and they used post-it notes to write anonymous answers.  After they had written their answer, they stuck their post-it on the board under the question.

Recently, I found the technology equivalent of this – Wall Wisher.

I recently used Wall Wisher as part of an introductory activity.  Students were asked to take part in a simulation about what their weights would be on other planets.  Then, they had to read a paragraph about the differences between mass and weight.  While they read, they jotted down two points each about mass and weight.  Then, they had to put their points on Wall Wisher in order to share their ideas.

This was so much more effective than calling on students individually or having them share out in small groups.  First, it was a whole class effort.  Second, they were able to see what their classmates had written and thus could write down things that they had not originally.  And lastly, I could see where any major patterns took place in real time.  We were able to have a discussion in each one of my classes about why they chose the points they did.

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