Google and Immediate Student Feedback

By Ashley McFadin — One of the scariest things that a teacher can ask a student is, “What are the things I can do to be a better teacher?”

For the most part, we can figure that out by reflecting on the outcomes of our lessons and by looking at student behavior within the classroom.  But still, using student feedback is important to improve over the long-term.

Google Documents are used frequently in all classrooms in my building, but the one document app that I use the most are Google Forms.  I can easily create a survey within five minutes to gain immediate student feedback.  In addition to using Forms for student feedback, I’ve also used them as a check for understanding within a class period. For example, types of matter is an abstract concept for students, so I had them take a short survey to see what they knew/didn’t know after some instruction.

Here is what the students see:


Here is the summary of responses that Google creates:


After the students take the survey, I show them the summary above and we have a class discussion to eliminate any misconceptions.  Is this fail-proof?  Probably not.  There will always be students who are confused, but using this immediate feedback is a great way to encourage students to think critically.  It is also helpful because we can clarify any confusion before we get too ahead in the content.

You don’t have to be a 1-1 school in order to do this!  If you have a computer or mobile lab, this is extremely easy to duplicate.

How do you obtain and use feedback in your classroom? 

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