A 2013 Wish List for Education in Milwaukee

new year wish listBy Bill Henk – One of my many resolutions for 2013 centers on exercising better time management.  That goal will require more efficiency which, in turn, translates into being briefer.

So, to get a head start on my resolution, I’m just going to share below a list of my fondest wishes for education in Milwaukee in the next twelve months, without any further explanation, and hope that the 10 bullet points  speak well for themselves.  Let’s see whether an economy of words can get the job done.

All the best to our Marquette Educator readers in MMXIII.  Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.  See you next year.



  • An end to the poverty that insidiously invites academic under achievement everywhere it exists in our city
  • No school child in Milwaukee will be homeless, abused, forced to move repeatedly, or denied the services necessary to be healthy in every respect
  • An unprecedented trajectory of improvement for the Milwaukee Public Schools under the astute leadership of Gregory Thornton
  • The continued rekindling of excellence in faith-based K-12 education, most especially in our Archdiocese of Milwaukee schools, with the assistance of our Greater Milwaukee Catholic Education Consortium.
  • A magnitude of progress for Milwaukee Succeeds that will demonstrate its promise for systemic, transformative urban education reform to the community
  • Public, choice and charter school advocates will put aside their ideological differences and work together meaningfully for the betterment of our school children
  • That our  community and local and state news media will finally show a well-deserved, deep-rooted respect for dedicated, loving, effective teachers
  • Essential funding to public education in Wisconsin will be restored
  • That our Cristo Rey High School feasibility study will reveal all-encompassing support from Milwaukee’s businesses, industries, institutions, and philanthropic community
  • The end of all violence in our schools – physical, social, and emotional – everything from senseless acts of brutality to not-so-innocent bullying.

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