School Crises: A Resource Guide for Teachers, School Leaders, and Parents

Several individuals have caringly reached out to the College of Education since the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy — expressing their concern, asking questions, and wondering how they can help.

Many more have offered up helpful resources for principals, teachers and parents to assist them in working with their communities and schools to address what happened, the implications, and next steps to deal with the aftermath of the tragedy.

Since this information is useful for anyone working in or with schools, we thought it would be appropriate and hopefully valuable to post a resource guide here on the Marquette Educator blog.

Feel free to share this resource with others who might find it beneficial.  And be sure to stop back and let us know if you found any article or resource particularly salient.  By sharing your experiences with the content we provide, you help us to do what an education blog ought to be about:  learning.

Specific to Sandy Hook

General Disaster Help

Helpful Hints for School Emergency Management:


This timely resource guide was kindly assembled by Lori Fredrich, ourAssistant Director of External Relations, Communications, and Recruitment.  Lori rarely takes any credit for the enormous amount of skillful work she does to distinguish our Marquette Educator blog, our College of Education website, our Mission Matters magazine, and all of our academic unit’s print and electronic publications.  So, I’m seizing this opportunity to credit her more properly here.  For future reference, when you see content that is not attributed, it almost always represents Lori’s handiwork.  We owe her a tremendous debt for keeping our public relations so relevant and energized.


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