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student-blogs-1By Ashley McFadin — It wasn’t until my current position where I had even thought about using blogs for student learning.

And, it wasn’t until my students received a laptop where it became an easy way to obtain student reflections.

KidBlog, which uses a WordPress platform, is a safe, easy way for students to blog on specific topics.  Students can register for a username using their provided school email address then use the “class code” (provided to them by their teacher) to join just their section.  In other words, students in period 5 will only see other students’ responses from period 5.

My experience using KidBlogs are mostly reflective.  Students have used the blog in order to discuss how they’ve turned their weaknesses into strengths for each learning target.  Which, I’ll be the first to admit, is not that creative.  I’ve had colleagues use KidBlog to have students create five-photo stories and post them for other students to analyze and I’ve had others use it to discuss and comment on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Using this tool allows students not only to write their own thoughts, but also to digitally collaborate in a safe setting.  So, it teaches them content and it teaches them an important 21st century skill.

Will you have your students use KidBlog?

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