Tech Tool – Remind 101

By Ashley McFadin — As a secondary teacher, one of the most frustrating things I’ve experienced are kids not doing their homework.

This happens most of the time because either students don’t write down their assignments or not knowing that they should look in their agenda to remind themselves if they have assignments.  While those are important skills to teach, I found the greatest tech tool of all time – Remind 101.

Do your students have a cell phone?  Do they have texting?  If you said “yes” to either of these questions, then you can also utilize this amazing service.


Remind 101 is a free, one-sided texting service.  Initially, teachers will sign up and receive a phone number and a code.  The number I was given is not my number.  Students (and/or parents) sign up using the given phone number and the code.  Teachers never see the phone numbers of parents or students.  Using a web-based platform, teachers can send out a text to all of their “subscribers”.


You can even schedule texts to send later in the day.  Usually, I schedule a homework reminder text in the morning before I forget in the rush of the day.

I’ve often had students complain that they were really excited to get a text and then were disappointed that it was for science homework.   Students cannot text the number back.

This tool isn’t just useful to secondary teachers!  Elementary teachers can utilize this to remind parents to hand in forms, that field trips are coming up, or even double check about conferences.

In terms of a success rate, a lot of students have taken advantage of the text system (approximately 90/115 students signed up) and there’s been a noticeable difference in the homework turn-in rate.

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