Ring Out Ahoya in Baltimore

AhoyaBy Nick McDaniels — Forgive me for taking a brief break from my usual political, educational blogging. But this weekend,

I had one of my most enjoyable Marquette moments since graduating in 2009. You see, I haven’t been back to campus since I left after student teaching. My wife has never been to Milwaukee, nor has my daughter. And aside from inviting my friends (most of them Terps anyway) over for a game viewing party during March Madness, we have not been able to experience much of the Marquette spirit I remember so well.

On Saturday, I connected with some Marquette Alums of the local Baltimore Chapter for the first time at a local family-friendly pub, Our House, for National Marquette Day. First things first, allow me to congratulate the Men’s Basketball team on an impressive win over Notre Dame. As usual, Marquette showed more passion and defensive effort than their opponent (shooting nearly 60% from the field didn’t hurt either). Also, it is important for me to congratulate Chris Otule on a great game. Chris is the only player left on the team who I worked with when I was a student-tutor. His hard work academically always impressed me and I was happy to see such a great performance from him in his last home game.

Most importantly, I want to add that this group of Marquette Alums, none of whom I knew before, welcomed us with open arms, befriended us like we all graduated together. My wife, Amie, commented as we were leaving, “What a nice group of people!” At that I realized one of reasons I miss Marquette. We, as Marquette grads (and current faculty and students), are generally a nice group of people. We are welcoming, friendly, engaging, and supportive. I am glad my family got to experience it first hand.

And for all current students who will be alums sooner or later, know that no matter where you land after graduation, you will be able to find some people to Ring Out Ahoya with. All over this country, there are Men and Women for Others (and Basketball). We are here to support you and each other because We (still) Are Marquette!

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