Three Education Videos Worth Watching

By Bill Henk –  Are you as susceptible to movie trailers as me? 

Last weekend my family went to see Oz The Great and Powerful.  Some of the acting could use a little work, but it was visually stunning.  And, as the equivalent of a prequel, there are some very clever plot twists and character connections to the original classic.  Here’s the trailer if you’re interested.


It’s only fitting that I provide the link as you’ll soon see.  Just click on the picture as another way to view it.  In fact, that instruction holds true for all of the videos below, too.

Anyway, before the featured movie began, we were treated (or subjected depending on one’s point of view) to the trailers for 7 or 8 upcoming films, most summer blockbuster types.  No kidding, after every single trailer I said something to my wife or daughter like “Wow, I REALLY want to see that one!”  Kind of pathetic actually.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the frequency and volume of my  enthusiasm embarrassed my wife and daughter, because they kept shooshing me.

Nonetheless that experience got me thinking about how powerful and enticing short videos can be as a genre, and in turn,  what a great job Marquette does with our video productions.   We often debut them at special events and they’re typically developed for promotional purposes.  Some of them are just plain fun, and others instill me with a great sense of pride when I watch them.   In any case, in my opinion they are ALWAYS good.

dave-murphyThe person most responsible for these gems is our own video wizard,  (the great and powerful) Dave Murphy, Interim Vice President for Marketing and Communication.  Dave will be the first to tell you that our MU videos are team efforts, in part because he’s very humble, but he obviously has a great staff working on these projects.

I’m going to share two of my favorites here.  The first is called “How the Search Makes us Who We Are,” and it celebrates the education students receive at Marquette.  The second is our own College of Education promotional video, which is near and dear to my heart.

The final video, whether intentionally or not, pokes good fun at the genre we use so often and well at Marquette University.  I saw the latter last week.  It was one of the trailers.  The video plugs a higher education institution called Monsters University.   Do you believe it’s merely a coincidence that we’re both MU?!  I think not.

Call the Law School.  We have an intellectual property issue here.


How the search

COED video image


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