“Let It Be” – Life Lessons (with help from the Beatles)

letitbeBy Sabrina Bong — For Christmas one year, my former college roommate made me a mix CD, filled with some of my favorite songs.

Each song, she said, had special meaning: some were ones that we used to sing around the apartment, some were ones that I had requested copies of, and some were ones that she thought just fit for me.

One of the songs on my CD was “Let It Be” by the Beatles. At first, I thought she had given me that song because she knew how much I enjoy the Beatles. But no, she had given me that song for a different reason. She explained that there would be situations where I would have to relinquish control and just let things be. And whenever I had a hard time doing that, I should listen to that song.

I’ve been listening to that song quite a bit in the past few weeks.

Right now, there is a lot about my life that is unsure: where I will be geographically next year, what kind of school I will be at, how I will adjust to being an adult in the real world, and no longer a student. It’s scary to think about all of these different changes and transitions that are happening right now. And for me, one of the scariest things is that I am no longer able to completely control my destiny right now.

As a student, I was in a little more control of where I was going. I knew what I was going to major in. I knew that I had to work hard at my assignments and do my readings to get good grades, and I knew that receiving great marks would open doors for other possibilities. Being a student was a very individualized job, and one that I knew how to do well at. But now, as I start applying for jobs, everything seems uncertain. I am not sure whether or not I will get a position here in Wisconsin, so there’s the possibility of moving. I may struggle being a bona fide “adult.” Instead of doing individual work, I will instead be working with a team to collaborate and help students grow. What if my teammates don’t like me?

But just like the song suggests, at some point, I need to let it be.

I firmly believe that I became a counselor for some reason, and that I wouldn’t have made it this far if this career wasn’t right for me. I believe that there is a plan for me, a path, and that my path was meant to go down the road of being a counselor. As unsure as I am about what my future holds, I am certain that counseling is what I was meant to do. I was meant to help students get through those rough transitions in life, to help teach them about building friendships, to help them apply for colleges.

So for now, I’m letting it be. I’m taking a deep breath, saying a little prayer, and reminding myself that uncertainty is okay. After all, it only means that another adventure is waiting to take place.

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