The Day the Internet Died

The-Internet-Is-Dead1By Ashley McFadin — At 7:20am on Tuesday, the worst news came over the PA system, “Attention staff, the internet is down and will be all day.”

The collective groan was heard throughout the building.

With only 35 minutes until the starting bell, teachers of all grade levels scrambled to edit lesson plans, create hand-written note sheets and un-digitize their lessons.

And it was the one of the best teaching days we’ve had in a long time.

Without the Internet, students were more focused and not distracted by Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.  They were more engaged in the lesson (on paper) and asked great questions.  Without the Internet, I was more focused on the lesson and could be more engaged with my students, because even adults get distracted sometimes.

That’s not to say that using online simulations and notes aren’t beneficial, because they are.  And while I’m lamenting the fact that my lesson plans for Wednesday and Thursday needed major editing (due to a planned online molecule building simulation), I’m happy that the students and staff were able to “unplug”.

This led me to a reflection about my time outside of school.  How plugged in am I (and how plugged in are students) when not in the school building?  Even reflecting on this made my cheeks redden.  I spend a LOT of time on social media at home when I’m done lesson planning.  And, after spending a day unplugged at school, I’m thinking about being unplugged at home as well.  This would let me spend more time with my husband, friends, at yoga, reading a book.

Would you ever unplug at work or at home?

1 Response to “The Day the Internet Died”

  1. 1 tcuknapp April 22, 2013 at 8:47 am

    Just this weekend I was watching two teenage children for a friend who was out of town and we unintentionally unplugged Saturday. We cleaned around the house a bit, took a bike ride, had a picnic, played a board game, had dinner, worked on a puzzle, and all the while had great conversation. No TV or Internet needed. It was a great day. I think everyone should try it once in a while.


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