Surviving a Teacher All-Nighter

4256896_f260By Matthew Olinski — I did it! I survived!

No, not the school year — although that is coming to a close as well…No, I survived an overnight chaperoning assignment for which I volunteered.

After teaching all day, I then prepared to spend the rest of the night until 9 AM the next morning without any sleep, making sure students in the computer club were behaving themselves as they played X-Box, Nintendo Wii,  Sony Playstation (PS3), and computer games  against one another all night.

Quite honestly, the students themselves were the easy part. It was the 7:00 AM hour that became difficult. I actually had to walk around the hallway for a few minutes to make sure I wasn’t going to fall asleep before the end of my shift. Luckily there was three chaperones there, so we were able to assist one another in staying awake.  As it turns out, the worst part of the night was running out of soda in the early morning…. No more caffeine.

While sort of adventure might seem anticlimactic for some people, it was a nice way to wrap up the year for these students.  And I even enjoyed myself.

Yes, I did play Halo, and yes, the students crushed me — which they thoroughly enjoyed. In all fairness, I do not play Halo on a regular basis, so I was an easy target.  I think they knew this when I kept asking, “How do you jump?” or “how do you switch weapons?”

As the last few days of school finish up, and most of us look to spend the next several weeks recovering, traveling, or whatever, think back to the good times of the school year as you look forward to the year that is forthcoming.

If being a little tired after being awake for more than 28 hours straight was the worst of my problems as school wrapped up, I can call it a success.  There was a question I had after chaperoning: Even though there were a few students who did fall asleep, how did the rest of the students make it through the night so easily?

If only we adults could bottle some of that latent energy…

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