Going to the Source: School Administrators’ Advice for Teaching Candidates

Top-10-Primavera-Interview-questions-and-Model-AnswersBy Joel O’Brien — Throughout the course of my first-year working at Marquette, I have been privileged to sit down with several area school administrators and discuss the skills and qualifications that they are seeking in teaching candidates. While answers varied slightly based on the individual school administrator and the specific needs of their districts, below are action steps they consistently recommended for teaching candidates:

  • Your application must be complete. Failure to do so will eliminate your candidacy.
    •  Read and follow application instructions (e.g., required documents)
  • Update your application, so it reflects your current experiences.
  • When completing your resume, include key information such as your certification, teaching experience, leadership/diverse experience, and technological skills
  • Application materials should contain NO SPELING ERRERS
  • Language used during application should be student-centered, focusing on the impact of your actions on others rather than simply stating what you did.
  • Be careful with copy and pasting….  Address documents to the correct district
  • Do your homework, know information about the school districts, and demonstrate thaknowledge by customizing your cover letter and resume accordingly.
  • Experience descriptions should highlight key words such as desired skill sets.
  • Tell an authentic, consistent story about your experiences and philosophy as an educator rather than disconnected brief answers.
  • Field experiences are appropriate to include, especially if the experience is unique.
  • Highlight specific experiences, skills, and programs avoid generic language and buzz words.
  • Positive references from administrators are very valuable (Develop rapport)
  • Reach out to individuals (e.g., friends, family, teachers, and administrators), informing them about your job search….  You never know who may be able to help you!

Hopefully these insights give your application the competitive edge during the summer job search!

If you have additional questions about the teaching job search, Marquette University students and alumni can schedule career counseling appointments or mock interviews with the Marquette University Career Services Center at (414) 288-7423.

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