Where has summer gone?

Best-top-desktop-summer-wallpapers-hd-wallpaper-summer-pictures-1By Matthew Olinski — Where has summer gone?

And yes, I am writing that — even now, in the later part of June. It has only been 2 weeks since my school year ended, but already summer is in full swing.

Here in Milwaukee, Summerfest has begun, and when that finishes, it will be July, and then… when I think about it … it is only four or five weeks until I will be reporting back to begin another school year.  It certainly doesn’t help that it took so long to get warm this year either.

I know I sound like a kid when I think about that statement–only four or five weeks until school starts up–but at this point in the summer, the days have been going so fast that those weeks are going to go by very quickly. I don’t know about most people, but I save most of my large projects for summer, such as repainting a bathroom and a kitchen, finished yesterday! Or, appointments to the dentist or doctor.

I thought for sure I would have more free time once the school year let out, but after getting caught up on my projects list, even that isn’t happening the way I thought it would. And my daytime schedule now revolves around my daughter’s nap and bed times.

I do have a few professional obligations to attend to throughout the summer.  My district requires in-service time throughout the course of the school year, so I scheduled to complete much of my time during the summer to free up some after school during the school year.

There have already been some nice summer events to take part in. I went to Polish Fest. As I mentioned earlier, Summerfest will be in full swing. There are many other festivals around the city happening every weekend.  While I personally don’t go to Summerfest as often as I used to (it’s getting kind of expensive to eat or drink down there – why didn’t I notice that years ago?) I would encourage people to experience the many different festivals that our city has to offer in what seems like a very short summer cycle.

I will be readdressing this topic later into the summer, when it really has gone by and the final week or two is in sight before the school year begins.  I will have had more time to reflect on where this summer has gone, and I will have my energy and excitement levels ready to go for another school year after a summer of recovery.  While I say this often, no one goes into the teaching profession for the summer break, or if they do, they don’t last long in it; it is a nice time of reflection and recovery.

What are you up to this summer?

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