Celebration of Teaching: Ms. Megan Swanson

095_objects_pen-pencil-marker-free-vector— By Emily Loverde

When I decided what college I was going to attend, I felt that I had to also have a major selected and was determined to stick to that major, lest I spend time on classes that were not useful or would prolong my time in college. Since that time, I have changed my major twice (which also involved changing my second major) but I couldn’t be happier with my current career choice of becoming an Elementary/Middle school educator.

One educator who had a great influence in helping me to reach my decision and guiding me along the path is Marquette’s Megan Swanson. I was in Ms. Swanson’s ENGL 1002 my freshman year of college. While English has always been a strong area for me, Ms. Swanson helped me see it as more than a core subject. The projects we worked on in her class helped me strengthen my writing in a number of different styles as well as become a better problem solver in regards to writing pieces. Just as she enjoyed teaching her subject and working with students, I began to notice I enjoyed the subject and helping my fellow students more. During the semester that I was in her class, I approached Ms. Swanson to talk about majoring in English and being an English educator. She was extremely helpful in discussing my options and offering suggestions for seeking out information regarding the questions she could not fully answer. She kept in touch with me throughout the rest of the semester and checked in on my progress in reaching the decision to change my major. I was encouraged by her concern for me, and her support helped me to reach the place where I am today.

Throughout that spring semester Ms. Swanson helped me become a stronger student as well as a better writer, constantly encouraging and helping me by being available to discuss writing and English. The greatest influence she had, however, was through her belief in my abilities and her encouragement to do something I enjoyed. Her help and guidance during my freshman year will remain a positive memory. I hope that I am able to be as great and helpful teacher as she was, acting as a positive influence on students’ lives and helping them to learn and love English, just as she did for me.

Emily LoVerde is an incoming Junior in Marquette’s College of Education studying Elementary/Middle Education and English. She first came to Marquette for Speech Pathology but changed majors to Secondary Education and English during her Freshman year.  She made the decision to switch over to Elementary Education after working with younger students at both her job and tutoring group. Emily says she is really looking forward to working with students as they begin to learn the fundamental information that they will carry with them throughout the remainder of their education career.

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