Welcome Back to School

download (1)By Matthew Olinski — Where did the summer go?

I wrote about that mid-way through June, as I lamented the upcoming schedule of summer festivals, and then the State Fair signaling the end of summer.  Well, as many of you know by already attending your beginning of the year in services – summer is officially over for teachers in Wisconsin.

There is some trepidation in this fact, and some excitement.  It is always a chance to start the school year fresh. We have a chance to reach out to a new group of students with a renewed focus and energy.

The questions is: Are you ready for the school year to start?

Ready or not – it is here.  I’m sure everyone has their back to school routine. For instance, I’ve already got my clothes picked out for the first day of classes. There is a commercial I always think of that states: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So I will be standing outside my door smiling at students as they walk into the high school and since I have several freshman level classes – it will be for the first time.  They’ll be nervous.

Some things to consider:

  • What routines do you have for the start of the year?
  • Do you have your clothes picked out for the first day of classes?
  • Do you have a mentor if you’re a new teacher?
  • Do you know the routines of the school?  There is a climate that is a part of each school.  They take on their own personas.
  • Do you know how to not become part of a negative school climate?
  • Most importantly: Do you have your bulletin board ready to go?

As the last couple of days wind down, take a moment to breathe.  Whether you are student teaching for the first time, starting a new job for the first time, or coming back for your 13th year (I can hardly believe that myself…)  the first day of school is sure to be filled with its own challenges and experiences.

Good luck to everyone in the new school year.  Keep focused on why you entered the education field in the first place, and make an impression on those students.

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