Top 5 Reasons to Enjoy the New School Year

top-5By Matthew Olinski — I don’t often make “top 5” lists, but I’ve been mulling these ideas over for the past several days.

The truth is, summer is officially over… and the days are bustling, rather than relaxing. But, I’m actually looking forward to getting back into the classroom.


Well, I can think of at least five great reasons to be happy to be going back to school:

 5) Football season is here.  I really enjoy high school football. I was on a high school team for 3 years, although the 3rd year my friend and I were more of the tackling dummies . . . I do officiate high school football through the WIAA.  It is a great way to keep active.  There is a lot of school spirit involved in high school football, from the team itself, to the cheerleaders and the band playing at half time.  My alma mater made it, while I was still in school, to the playoffs several times. Since then, they have taken home the state title.  The school I’m currently at also has a competitive team.  I don’t want to short change the other sports, because they also need support, but the Friday night lights has a strong tradition.

4) The paychecks start rolling in again. This is obviously not the only reason to be back at school, but near the end of August, after the summer pay is stretching mighty thin… I admit – this one is a little weak.

3) I am able to catch up with co-workers who I haven’t seen for a few weeks.  I think teachers, being a group that is naturally sociable as it is, for a closer bond with some of their co-workers. There is a chance to share what happened over the summer break.  You find out who got married, who is engaged, and who might be expecting a child of their own in the future.

2) I’m able to blog for Marquette for yet another term.  I enjoy writing about my experience in the schools. It is a great way to make me think about what I have been doing and to share some of my insights with others.

1) The students.  There are so many reasons why the students make coming back to school an adventure.   There is an energy at the beginning of the school year.  People are excited to be in school. That energy keeps you young. It also ages you, make no mistake, but I have been in touch with the latest music, fashion, and slang for the last 13 years. I probably know these students better than some of their parents do.  Students are nervous, excited, happy, and sad.  Former students come by and say hi to you in the hallway.  New students look at their teachers with a bit of trepidation in what will be expected of them.  I have for several years now, had siblings of students that have since graduated. I always like to hear what their older siblings are up to once they have left the halls of the school.  It is always a nice way to start the school year out.

With every school year, there are challenges and there are opportunities.  I look at the 5 opportunities above as a great way and a great reason to start out a new school year.

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