That One Student

dennisBy Jessica Burkard — With stereotypical arm gestures, this little punk looks at me and says, “What, Miss Burkard, what?”

I had asked him simply why he wrote all of two sentences for what he deemed a paragraph, while the rest of his class wrote at least eight. As he swings his hands up in the air in frustration when I tell him to write more like the rest of his class, he proceeds to roll his eyes at me and then sit in part irritation, part rebellion continuing to not write anything.

For me, he’s that one kid. I think we all know as educators that sometimes you’ll get one kid who doesn’t seem to get along well with you, and though you might not want to admit it entirely (or maybe you really do), you don’t really get along with him or her either. Yet, that child can take up a large chunk of your time as you, in essence, have a daily standoff with them. Simply put, it’s frustrating.

For me, and I’m sure many others, it’s also difficult because I naturally get along with kids and usually they tend to like me right away. Without the intention to brag, I know that I am a patient person and have a large capacity to deal with the amount of sass and difficulty that, let’s call him Adam, throws at me; however, with 25 other students to attend to as well, it becomes overwhelming at times and my patience level decreases.

Now usually, I like to end my reflections in my blog with a resolution, but right now there really is not one. Perhaps I can say that he may push my buttons, but ultimately he will help me expand my patience. Maybe I can say that he will teach me how to approach different students. Or there’s a chance that he might turn it around and learn how to keep up with our classroom expectations. I can guess all I want, but really the only answer is that only time will tell.

I will have to learn how to be more patient with him because he needs to see the side of me that wants him to push himself to do better in the classroom. All I can really do is hope and pray that even though he deems me just a “student” (his own words because I’m a “student teacher”), at some point in the future I will be able to change his mind so that he can learn more from me. Either way, I’m sure that I will learn a lot from him.

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