Thank You, Father Presidents

Appreciation1By Bill Henk – As Father Scott Pilarz prepares to move on to the next phase of his life, we wish him the very best.

With this post,  I’d like to thank him for 10 aspects of his presidency  that have been personally and professionally relevant and important to me and my academic unit:

  • reminding us that the classroom is a sacred space
  • leading by example through his own teaching
  • stewarding a strong strategic plan for the university that will guide us into the future
  • insisting that the plan includes a goal for supporting K-12 education
  • thoughtful and beautifully delivered public addresses that never failed to inspire
  • his deep reverence for Jesuit education and the liberal arts
  • a timely and clever sense of humor
  • rekindling our love of poetry
  • making our faculty in the College of Education feel appreciated
  • unwavering support for the Cristo Rey high school feasibility study being done in the College with the help of many leaders both within and beyond Marquette

Likewise, I want to express my profound gratitude to Father Robert Wild for once again stepping up on behalf of our beloved university as we continue our journey toward institutional greatness.  We remain in great hands.

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