Where Does YOUR Passion Stem From?

8d7412c6951e7ad967af8ebbae404f7bBy Gabrielle Gray — Late one night I sat up browsing through Pinterest as I was avoiding grading papers, and came across a quote by an unknown author that read,

“Teaching makes you young and beautiful, only if you show your passion for it.”

This quote immediately caught my attention and made me ask myself- Where does my passion come from?

What motivates teachers to show up to work each day and listen to the “dog at my homework” excuses, attempt to gain the attention of young students that sit and daydream about what they will do with the rest of the day once the bell rings, and who have to spend countless hours working to perfect lesson plans, grade papers and prepare for the next day? Is the beauty in the profession something that all teachers see, or it reserved just for a select few?

The passion that I have from education is based on an idea of equality and opportunity. As I have learned through my work with schools, after school programs and different nonprofit organization around the city of Milwaukee, African American students are those least advocated for when it comes to education than students of other backgrounds.

My passion for education stems from my desire to improve the lot of the African American community, but also to bring life into the souls of young Black children that grow up accepting what is given to them instead of fighting for what they deserve.  As I continue to focus on the educational issues that exist in our county, I aim not only to increase my knowledge of current situation of education reform in the United States and the ways by which to bring change for the betterment of all students, but to become an knowledgeable and accurate advocate for my people.

This burning passion stems from my past, as well as the future that I hope to come within my community.

Where does your passion stem from?


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