In the Beginning… this new year marks the start of my career

By Aubrey Murtha — The start of the new year has got me thinking about beginnings. sparkling-stars-new-year-2015-facebook-coversAfter a successful first semester at Marquette and the beginning of my professional teacher’s training, I find myself reflecting often on my childhood with romantic nostalgia. I wasn’t always interested in becoming a teacher.  Nope.  There were times in my life when I aspired to pursue various other noble professions.  Around the ripe age of four, the unfortunate realization hit me that grown-ups don’t just have a limitless supply of money.

Up until this point, I think I must have been convinced that the figurative “money tree” my mother had jokingly referred to so many times was actually something one could acquire.  Apparently there was this thing called work that people had to go to, and money had to be earned.  This was merely the beginning of a long career discernment process for the young Aubrey Murtha.

I started taking dance lessons during my kindergarten years, and like most young girls do at some point in their lives, I longed to be a ballerina for a short time.  It took me eleven years of classical training to realize that awkward free styling was much more my speed.  In second grade, I completed an assigned career project on zoo keeping, and it became my self-proclaimed destiny.  I bypassed the professional athlete phase altogether, and in seventh grade, this decision proved to be an intelligent one when I tried out for basketball and made my middle school’s “C Team.”

Needless to say, my newly developed, lanky frame did not magically enhance my ability to shoot a basketball.  After zoo keeping came cooking, and I seriously contemplated culinary school throughout high school.  My senior year, a niggling desire to apply to art school prompted me to enroll in an advanced art course when I discovered my first real talent—the visual arts.

Anyway, it seems that as one nears that future that she so earnestly dreamt about as a young girl, she must accept the fact that daily living generally requires the pursuit of a feasible career and the abandonment of passion for the sake of financial stability.  Every now and then, I still wish I had become profoundly skilled at a wildly unique and completely out of character hobby.   Maybe something like fencing or figure skating, belly dancing or beekeeping (because these are all very lucrative professions, obviously).

But no, I’m just your average college kid, your typical teen with a knack for writing, a thirst for knowledge, and a burning desire to share my passion for learning with others.  Lucky for me, I just discovered a profession that conveniently provides me with an avenue to explore each one of these interests—teaching!

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