What We Learn in College: Life Lessons

By Aubrey Murtha — I am discovering these days that, although I am learning an exorbitant amount of information in my classes, I am learning much more about myself and others in my daily life outside of the classroom.


Here are a few life lessons I have drawn from my Marquette experiences thus far…my potion for happiness, I’d say.

1.)    I am never upset if I go to church, but I am often upset if I miss it.  It is worth it to skip a few pages of reading to make sure I have time to feed my soul every week (yikes, I hope that my professors aren’t reading this).  I have a joke with this girl on my floor that goes like this: “Homework tonight? Or eternal salvation?  I choose eternal salvation!”  Perhaps you prefer yoga, a tea party, a solid workout, or a few beers with your friends.  Whatever the case, find time to feed your soul.

2.)    You can only worry about yourself.  If you try to take on everyone else’s issues, you will go insane.  I’m not saying to avoid being sympathetic to others, but recognize your limits and do not let yourself be consumed by the drama that will ultimately just drag you down.

3.)    Life is for living.  Make the most of the opportunities that life throws your way.  Like me taking this blogging position here for the Educator! So glad I did it!  Try to do one thing a day that is not required of you.  Sure, you need to study, do your homework, go to class, eat, sleep and whatnot, but try something else for once.  Go out of your routine, and do something that makes you smile.

4.)    College isn’t about finding my husband.  It is about finding me.  But boys, if you’re interested, feel free to contact me.  I wouldn’t be opposed to that.

5.)    Take advice from those who are older than you.  This one requires a few more details.  How is it that my mom actually knows everything?  Like, seriously, she does.  If you are going through a traumatic life experience, I can give you her phone number because she’ll probably be able to talk you off the edge.  There is something about my mom’s voice too that makes me start bawling every time I am struggling with teenage angst just because I can sense the love and support in her voice.  The lady is a wizard, I swear.  Also, to my older sister, Alivia, I am realizing now that you are one of those rocks in my life.  One of those individuals that I look at and wish I could emulate in every way.  Girls, if you have an older sister, she will be a source of wisdom for you for the rest of your life.  Look to her, trust me.  She knows a lot more than you think.

6.)    And finally, you cannot hang on to every joy and pleasure of childhood.  I know we all want to think that nothing in life has to change when you go off to school, but we must be honest with ourselves.  High school friendships will fall apart, jobs will come and go, responsibilities will only increase tenfold, and life cannot be as simple as it once was.  This doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t sleep in our footy PJs on a nightly basis, occasionally spend our Saturdays watching Disney movies, or sleep in between mommy and daddy every now and then.

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