Yes they can, thankyouverymuch. And here’s the evidence.

tamingshrewBy Claudia Felske — Tired of reading articles and hearing commentary about how far behind our students are, how they can’t read or write, I feel compelled to share two papers I just corrected from my Freshman English class here at  East Troy High School. That’s right, FRESHMEN in the PUBLIC school system. 

After reading Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, students were asked to explore a question or theory they had about the play. I was humbled by the results. Here are just two of them, unedited, with names removed.

No doubt you’ve heard the “failing schools” bullhorn booming from all directions lately. If you believe the notion of equal air time, give these two student essays a read—and remember them when you hear about our “broken public schools.”

Shakespeare’s Observation: The Battle of the Alpha and Omega
A Shrew or a Modern Woman?  A Shakespearean Identity Quandary

That is all. 

1 Response to “Yes they can, thankyouverymuch. And here’s the evidence.”

  1. 1 Matt February 3, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    Bravo Claudia. I have the same sentiments about my work in Oak Creek. I also work with freshman.


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