Books: A new way to hear

84347cc6b506dc98800660497b0f10e2By Adam Ballent — I was born into a silent world, free of noises and distractions.

My parents soon found out I was profoundly deaf and quickly set me on the fast track to catch up on oral communication. However, in my younger years I was drawn by the allure of the written word, one that needed no struggling repeated sentences and confusion.

My bedroom in kindergarten contained a bevy of short stories, children’s books and science and history tomes.

When I was 12 I opened a new novel and found myself standing on Privet Drive next to Albus Dumbledore and my life changed forever. I immediately fell in love with the fiction genre and journeyed to many fantastical worlds hidden in the pages. That love of reading has continued into my college life, where I grab the newspaper every morning on my way to work or class, where I still study communication today.

Now I find myself reaching out on behalf of the Hartman Center for Literacy and Learning, a group of wonderful people dedicated to making that magical world of reading available to all kids in Milwaukee. They need help to allow those kids much easier access to reading material at home and away.

So I ask you, if you ever found yourself closing a book and wondering if the world you just experienced was perhaps as real as the one you live and breathe in, please consider donating so the underprivileged youths of Milwaukee can enjoy that same wonderful experience.

Can’t donate right now? Helping is as easy as retweeting THIS.


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