Country Music & Rebirth: How we got where we are today

download (2)By Sabrina Bong — When I was in college, two of my roommates got me hooked on country music.

Within a few weeks, I was rapidly transformed from a girl who cringed whenever she heard the twang of a guitar to someone who knew all the words to every Brad Paisley / Luke Bryan / Lady Antebellum song.

What changed was that I really started listening to the lyrics of the country songs, and I found the majority of them to be true. Country songs really do tell a story about an event or a time in life. I think that’s why so many people enjoy country music; they can relate to what the singer is crooning about. Whether it’s a bad breakup or falling in love, we’ve all “been there, done that.”

But one of my all-time favorite songs is by Darius Rucker. I love songs that have some sort of deeper meaning, and the song “This” really explores the idea of living with no regrets. In the song, he sings about all the things that happened in life, how some were good, some not so great, and some things that really made him wonder why in the world they happened. But in the end, he says, “Thank God for all I missed, ‘cause it led me here to this.”

I was thinking about this song when one of my students came in, saying that she wanted to do her entire life over again. I believe the exact words she used were, “I want a rebirth. I want to start over from square one and just live my entire life over again so I can get it right.”

Now, I knew that this student had a struggling home life. There was a lot of drama going on between the student and her parents, as well as between the parents themselves. But I was surprised that she wanted to redo everything. She is an excellent student and a loyal friend. She excels in sports. I didn’t realize that there were other factors that made her want to relive everything.

I had her sit down and I asked her the “miracle question” (as a counselor, this is probably the most valuable question you will ever learn!) “If you could wave your magic wand and then everything is exactly the way you want it, what would life look like?” She said that if she could, she would go back and take more opportunities, make better choices, and foster a stronger relationship with her parents. She wanted to erase the mistakes from her past and never think about them again. She spoke about how it would be great if brains came with erasers, so that she could just go through and erase everything negative that had ever happened in her life.

I think there are times when we all wish that we had a “rebirth,” where we could go back and do pieces of our lives over again, or change where we are. At the same time, I hope my student remembers that every choice she makes, and every situation she encounters, will lead her to exactly where she is meant to be, just as the song suggests. It may not feel like it in this instance, but as she goes through life, I hope she will see how every little thing brought her to exactly where she needs to be.

As we enter this Easter season, may we all experience a “rebirth” of a different type: a chance to start each day anew, ready to take on the adventures this year still holds.

If you would like to hear the song “This” by Darius Rucker, feel free to click here for a link to the music video.

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