A Prayer for the End of the School Year

Prayer_TeamBy Aubrey Murtha — As many of us are preparing to leave Marquette or have already left to spend the summer in our hometowns, I would like to offer up a lovely prayer I found in celebration of the conclusion of a successful academic year.


A Prayer for the End of the School Year
Author Unknown

Christ, Teacher and Lord,
Bless all at this university
As we seek to end our year
With the grace you so generously provide.

We give thanks for the students
And the faculty, the administrators,
And all who have contributed
To this year of nurturing and growth.

We affirm all the positive moments,
Of insight, of the excitement of learning,
Of accomplishment, of creativity,
Of laughter, of a sense of community.

We recognize the times of struggle,
Of difficult work, of misunderstanding,
Even of failure–we give these
To you for transformation,
So they can become seeds
That will find fertile soil.

As we leave for the summer,
May we take with us
The knowledge that
You will keep us all
In your embrace so
We may rest and be restored
And so we can continue in
The ongoing discovery
of your Love.

Prayer taken from https://educationforjustice.org/resources/prayer-end-school-year

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