Many Uses for a Blanket: AKA Applying for My Summer Job

LinusSecurityBlanketBy Lauren Carufel-Wert — Hey everyone! This is my first blog ever, so I am really excited that I get to do it for the College of Education.

This summer I will be working for Madison Public Schools recreational programs as a Program leader. Now, since my job hasn’t officially started yet, (training starts on the 16th) I can talk about the process for applying and accepting the job!

First I filled out an application with multiple short answer questions focusing on how the applicant interacts with diverse groups, leadership positions, and previous childcare or teaching experience.

Since I had just finished up my first year as an Elementary Education student I was able to use my experiences of service learning on my application. Since my first site was nearly 100% Hispanic and my second site was about 75% African American I could also show my experience working with children from diverse backgrounds. I really think that my service learning experiences helped me in standing out from other applicants.

A week later, I heard that the program wanted to do a final interview with me in person, but since I was in Milwaukee I did it over Skype. I still dressed up and sat myself behind a nice wall hanging in my dorm room kitchenette and waited for my interview to start. The interview went very smoothly, it involved a lot of “what would you do situations” like if a child was a danger to other students, was not paying attention, or needed extra help.

But the most interesting question was “name as many uses as possible for a blanket”. The goal of this question was to show how creative I was and if I could think on my feet. My answers ranged from a blanket fort to wearing it as a skirt, and afterwards the interviewer noted my variety of answers.

Three weeks later over Easter Break when I was at home, I checked my email and found a job offer awaiting me. I still remember the excitement on my boyfriend’s face when I told him and how I felt like I had truly done something for myself to help me grow as a future educator. I am eagerly waiting my first day of training and can’t wait to share all of my stories with you!

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