Tying Up Loose Ends: Reflections on My Summer

quoteBy Lauren Carufel-Wert — Hi everyone! I figured as summer is coming quickly to an end as well as my blog posts, I would try to tie up some loose ends.

I felt like I left my post about quitting my job in an abrupt way and I wasn’t really able to reflect on what went wrong and how I grew and need to grow in the future. That being said, I think that I felt little to no support from the other staff and felt like I was drowning in chaos, I wasn’t trained on how to work with race issues and fights within the class and I was exhausted by trying new ways to engage the kids and at least try to help them through some activities.

I think in the future I need to find a bigger voice for myself to ask for help and tell my superiors when something is not working. I need to be gentle with myself, trying not to expect that I will have best class ever and will be in complete control of the situation. I have to be able to admit that I may not be the most positive or enthused leader I want to be when I was working with the kids due to all the stress.

After I left my job at the summer program I was not able to find another job.  However, I enrolled in an online course about writing stories for children, which was incredibly interesting especially as an elementary education student! I learned about the different rules for vocabulary and complexity of the stories and tailoring the subject of the story to the age of the child as well.

I was also able to shadow a psychologist in a medical clinic to get a feel for what a switch to psychology would be like. I was really glad I did because the experience gave me a lot more to think about in terms of my future career path and new options and ideas for me.

All in all, this summer was a major learning experience for me, I was able to explore new career options, learn how I work with a stressful classroom, and pick up some new and fun skills as well.

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