First Impressions from Our First Year Students

tumblr_n9yiihVgZJ1s7li0io1_1280By Aubrey Murtha — Week one of a new academic year is daunting for everyone!

Intelligent professors are apprehensive about facing an entirely new crop of students yet again.  Seniors have their sights set on graduation, but must also face the reality that this year will be their last at Marquette.  Juniors work diligently on their professional goals.  Sophomores take any chance that they can get to nervously remind themselves that they are not freshmen anymore, and therefore, not awkward or nerdy when they fall down the stairs or lock themselves out of their rooms.  And then…there are our freshmen.  Our lovely new, nervous faces.  So much promise and potential and so, so, SO much enthusiasm.

Remember I told you I was working with the Freshmen Frontier Program?  Well, I have been nothing short of impressed by this year’s new class, the Marquette Class of 2018.  At least that has been my first impression of this dynamite bunch of young adults.

But what do they think of Marquette so far? 
What are their first impressions of our campus? Our city?  Our community?

I surveyed some of them to find out.

“The first day on campus I already found myself calling this place home, and I knew it wasn’t by mistake. The Marquette community treats everybody like family.”   –-Maddie Stewart, Germantown, WI


“Marquette is a pretty school. I like how I feel like I am on a college campus. It’s seems like nearly everything I need is around me. ”  –-Dalila Depaula, Newark, NJ

“Every experience so far is just a confirmation that I belong here!”   –-Chloe Hurckes, Ringwood, IL

wet-250“I would say my first impression of Marquette is that it’s really wet here. I’m from Colorado where there is no moisture in the air so I’m not used to everything being wet all the time.”  –-Alex Dinkel,  Castle Rock, CO

“My first day of classes was intense but all of the Professors are here to teach and help me; and they really create a welcoming setting. I am MORE than excited to continue classes and see everything else Marquette has to offer! I couldn’t have chosen a better university to be at!”      –-Kate Neuberg, Arbor-Vitae, WI


 “I live in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin which is just a half an hour away, so I thought I knew the area pretty well.  However, when I got here, it felt like I was in a completely different state. I didn’t know where my classes were or the street names! It’s a smaller campus than most, and unlike most  campuses, it is not enclosed from the city of Milwaukee! It makes you feel like you are a part of the people, a part of the Milwaukee entity which I think is really cool!”  –-Kashish Talwar, Menomonee Falls, WI

“I was pretty nervous leading up to the days before move in. However, when I got on campus it was like all the nerves turned into excitement. The Orientation Staff as well as the regular staff in my residence hall really helped me to settle down. Now that orientation is over, and I’m just hours away from my first class, I feel like I am ready to go forward and begin my academic career here.”  –Tim Haggerty, Long Island, NY


The campus is gorgeous. I love walking past Gesu and Marquette Hall and marveling at the beauty of the stone and ivy-covered walls.” –-Sarah Gorczany, Waukesha, WI

 “Marquette is a community of genuinely helpful people who care so much about one another that I couldn’t even imagine being anywhere else. Heaven is real. I’ve seen it, and it begins with an M and ends with an E. We Are Marquette!”  –-Trip Warren, Topsfield, MA

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