A Year for [Sopho]More Opportunities

JorgensenBy Clare Jorgensen — This summer was definitely one of the quickest summers I have ever experienced in my 19 years on this Earth.

I feel like this was a sign that I needed to be back at school in order for me to be able to jump into as many opportunities as possible. This semester is going to (hopefully) open many more doors for me than last semester. Back then, I feel I was still grasping the fact that I was here…at Marquette University… in the College of Education. Honestly though, I still don’t think I’m grasping that fact that I’m here at this great school.

Well now, after that tangent, I never even took an opportunity to introduce myself!

My name is Clare Jorgensen, and I’m a sophomore studying Secondary Education and Spanish. This summer, I spent my weekdays sitting in the park district office of my town. I learned two things from this job:

  1. Being able to speak Spanish in a work setting definitely allowed me to become more confident, even during times where I knew little to no words having to due with rentals or certain programs.
  2. I can never, ever, EVER work a desk job again, unless of course that desk job is where I’ll be when I’m in front of a class. I’m meant to be a teacher and only a teacher J

For now, I am excited to start Field Experiences at the school I will be placed very soon. I will chronicle my experiences there for this blog, as well as many other experiences I will see soon.

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