A Toast to President Lovell and the Humanities

LovellFeatureBy Aubrey Murtha — I attended Dr. Lovell’s Inauguration this past Friday, and it was tremendous.

Not only did I leave looking forward to what the future holds for this great academic institution, but I also left with an overwhelming sense of pride in Marquette University, the most fantastic epicenter of intellectual growth and exploration on both sides of the Mississippi (a new phrase I have recently adopted to essentially say that MU is the greatest university in the country, no biases obviously).

For me, one of the highlights of the ceremony was when President Lovell announced the University’s new initiatives—specifically, the Center for Advancement of the Humanities. Thank you to the anonymous Marquette alumna who is making this project possible, and thank you, Dr. Lovell, for expressing your commitment to the humanities:

“Most importantly, I am fully committed to deepening and enriching the study of the humanities in the Jesuit tradition. With the foundation provided by this commitment, we will become a beacon for scholars both nationally and internationally to teach, research and exchange ideas alongside our talented students and highly respected faculty.”   — read more

As a secondary education and English major, I am deeply committed to the humanities.  I am excited by the prospect of research in the humanities occurring right here at Marquette.  I mean, we do tremendous research in science and engineering.  Why not enhance our studies of literature or anthropology?

So here’s to all of you history majors, theologians, word nerds, philosophes, and learned artists out there who contribute valuable work in the various fields of the humanities.  Marquette is finally toasting you!  You deserve it.

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