Social Media for Preservice Teachers

SocialMediaBubblesBy Clare Jorgensen — Like many students here at Marquette, I am very attached to my phone.

I try my best not to run into anyone while walking down Wisconsin Avenue when I’m texting or surfing the Internet, and I usually spend my small breaks from studying on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, or Twitter.

And, while I admit I’m a bit addicted to technology, I do use some of my time to prepare for my future as a teacher.

On Facebook, Twitter, and Buzzfeed, I follow different teaching pages as well as old friends who became teachers. These pages get me excited as I prepare to become a teacher, and I can also bookmark certain pages or articles I find interesting. Ultimately, it will be important that I put my own personal flare into my teaching, but for now it’s good to see what’s out there and what has worked for others. Through these same outlets, I can also see information from the Marquette College of Education, including news and other important information.

Overall, though, Pinterest is my favorite tool for preparing to be a teacher. I spend some of my time looking up different business outfit ideas that I could wear to Field Experience, and eventually to student teaching. I have a board of places to visit in Europe if I study abroad in Madrid next semester. I have study skills pins, which I intend to utilize during my years here, and I hope to give the information to my future students. Lastly, I have a “Teacher tools” board where I put different ideas for lessons in a high school Spanish, some different book ideas, and also some craft ideas for a classroom. Many of my pins come from the College of Education page, where they have different fun boards for everyone.

I’ll be honest — I don’t spend all of my social media time devoted to preparing to be a teacher, but I think the ways that I do use it to inform my teaching are important.

When I start preparing lesson plans, I can have these tools readily available, so it is important for me to learn as much about them as possible.

Not everyone uses social media as often as I do, if at all; but I would definitely recommend looking into Pinterest so you can see the many ideas for education-related projects and lessons it has.

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