My Multiple Intelligences

multipleintelligences2By Amanda Szramiak — I have always thought of myself as a visual learner.

When preparing for tests, I find it beneficial to handwrite my notes over and over again. Well not over and over again, but I do rewrite my notes. In my previous education courses, I always identified with the linguistic, intrapersonal, and spatial intelligences.

When I we were learning about Multiple Intelligences in my learning and assessment course two weeks ago, my teacher strongly encouraged us to take some Multiple Intelligence tests. I am not that great of a test-taker, and my teacher’s proposal got me thinking. I began to wonder if I was actually a linguistic and spatial learner.

Had I been going about learning the wrong way?
What if my average ACT scores could have been improved if I knew exactly what kind of intelligences I possessed?

Fearing I had been doing school wrong for the past twenty years, I began the tests.

I took three different Multiple Intelligences tests, and the results varied to a certain extent. The common denominator in all three tests was that I possess the intrapersonal intelligence. I like to think of myself as an out-going introvert, and I enjoy time to myself just as much, if not more, than with other people. I never realized the role this intelligence played into my learning. I rarely study with music, and if I do, I listen to the Beethoven Orchestra Pandora station. I am always studying in the library because noise is extremely distracting. I also think this intelligence speaks volumes about my learning habits because it utilizes the notion of knowing one’s own strengths and weaknesses. Some may say I am brutally honest with not only others, but also myself. Being aware of my limitations as a learner allows me to focus on my strengths.

I think being familiar with Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and my very own intelligences will help me as a teacher. Knowing the variety of ways students learn is imperative to having a successful classroom. I look forward to finding ways to incorporate all intelligences in my classroom so all students equipped for success.

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