Halloween Crafts for High School Students

shoebox-day-of-the-dead-altarBy Clare Jorgensen — This week I have started preparing my first practice lesson plan for my Introduction to Learning and Assessment class, and in doing so, it got me thinking about life in the school when I get to student teaching in two short years.

Halloween will be an exciting time for many of the students, and I want to ensure I can make it interesting for the students with Halloween-incorporated assignments including crafts.  In high school, art was not often incorporated in my other classes, which was upsetting to me. Since art can be a fun break from the norm, I plan to incorporate art into my lesson plans in the future

It is easy to imagine that with high school students, if a teacher assigns an art-related assignment, there will be a various mix of groans and cheers. As a teacher, I will want the students to be excited to have a break from the normal homework or in-class work by having assignments like this.

For Halloween, teachers could tell the history of Day of the Dead and ask students to make small homemade altars in shoeboxes, where the students can be as creative as possible.

As I am studying to be a Spanish teacher, I would love this assignment (and I hope there would be no groans). It would be good for teachers to potentially show what other cultures may do with the holiday, and they of course can have students make Halloween-related items based on the current lessons. In an English class, students can write creative stories with drawings attached in some way, and this could go very well with any lessons on Beowulf or some Shakespeare readings.

It is still important to not delay too long from any important lessons, but it is still easy to make the normal lessons with a Halloween theme in some way just to acknowledge the holiday season for the students. The amount of possibilities for Halloween or any holiday-related assignments is endless. However, if too difficult for a certain content area to do crafts, decorating the classroom during the season, and offering candy or other treats on Halloween will often suffice for the students!

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