Social Media Shutdown

media_overload_by_itsyouformeBy Amanda Szramiak – I think it’s safe to say our generation is absolutely and pathetically (in my humble opinion, of course) consumed with social media.

The big culprits of this epidemic are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. At least those were my biggest demons.

At the beginning of the semester, I went through a break up. Thankfully, it was a long-distance relationship, so I wasn’t worried about running into him on the street or having to sit awkwardly in a class with him. Unfortunately, the good majority of my social media usage involved him.

We used Facebook to video chat. We used Twitter to communicate through our retweets and favorites. We used Instagram to display all the fun times we had together. So I was in a predicament. Every time I went on Facebook I was reminded of my relationship status as “single,” which I swear was in boldface, size forty-five print. His mom made sure to strategically put up pictures of his new found life in college every time I happened to open the app on my phone. Twitter also made sure to notify me every time he followed someone new or tweeted about his amazing life.

What was I supposed to do? Delete all my social media sites? I honestly didn’t think that was an option.

I ended up deleting everything. Well, I didn’t delete my Instagram, but I gave the password to my friend and made her promise not to let me go on my old account. I created a new Instagram because I could not (or didn’t want to) go completely cold turkey on social media.

Now, you may be asking why I am writing on an educational blog about my post-traumatic stress due to my break up with my high school boyfriend. I’m still trying to figure out that answer, so bear with me.

I challenge you to calculate the minutes you spend on social media sties a day. I had to log my social media usage for a class, and I will take the total number of minutes hours I spent on social media to the grave. As silly as it sounds, I genuinely believe I am doing better in school now that I am (almost) social-media free. When I am working on an assignment in the library, I don’t hear my Facebook or Twitter app calling my name begging me to open them. I find myself so much more focused on individual assignments and schoolwork in general because of my decision to rid my life of social media.

Changes in life are inevitable, but I have vowed to at least try to transform any negative alterations into somewhat of a positive outcome. While I don’t think everyone should be social-media free, I do encourage you to (at the very least) be aware of how much time you spend on social media and your cellphone in general. You would be surprised with how much more time you have in a day after you gauge and adjust your social media usage.

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