What Students REALLY Need to Hear

keep-goingIt’s a busy week on campus. We just got past mid-terms, and now it’s time to dig into the end of the semester tasks. Same is true at K-12 schools. And with children beginning to get excited for the holidays, keeping focus can be challenging.

So, today, we thought we’d share this message written by Chase Mielke, a high school teacher, trainer, and instructional coach who blogs at Affective Living.  We think his message will resonate — not only with those of you who teach or who are training to be teachers — but also for everyone who’s struggling to get through the semester.

It’s 4 a.m.  I’ve struggled for the last hour to go to sleep.  But, I can’t.  Yet again, I am tossing and turning, unable to shut down my brain.  Why?  Because I am stressed about my students.  Really stressed.  I’m so stressed that I can only think to write down what I really want to say — the real truth I’ve been needing to say — and vow to myself that I will let my students hear what I really think tomorrow.

This is what students really need to hear:

First, you need to know right now that I care about you. In fact, I care about you more than you may care about yourself.  And I care not just about your grades or your test scores, but about you as a person. And, because I care, I need to be honest with you. Do I have permission to be honest with you — both in what I say and how I say it?

Here’s the thing: I lose sleep because of you.  Every week.  [Read More]

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