Finding the Go(o)d in all Experiences

blog jan 30 picBy Taylor Gall – I was not always a golden eagle.

For the first year of my college experience, I attended a small private school in northern Wisconsin. After deciding it wasn’t for me, I transferred on a whim to Marquette. What began as something I didn’t put much thought into has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made.

I have found wonderful people here at good ole MU. Somehow 12,000 great people have been packed into a neat little package that sits in the heart of the 414 area code, and I have been offered countless opportunities that I never would have had at another institution.

Marquette’s Service Learning program is a big part of what makes this an exceptional institution. While I feel as if I’m receiving a magnificent education in the classroom, I also know that I am gaining immeasurable experience student observing in the Milwaukee Public School District and volunteering in the heart of the city.

Teaching students how to teach can only go so far – the experiences that Marquette’s College of Education provides students while in a classroom are extremely valuable, and they will set us apart from the pack. Marquette makes us into teachers starting on day one of college, not just day one of student teaching.

Marquette’s Jesuit mission of “finding God in all places” is also a beautiful asset that Marquette has armed us future teachers with. There is beauty in digging for the good, for the God, in all situations we are handed.

Sassy student with no respect for you? Marquette has taught us to look into his situation and seek out the lessons his defiance can teach us. There is goodness to be found in all people – even the difficult ones.

Trying day on the job? Find God’s lesson in your struggle. We are faced with struggles for a reason, and we learn by overcoming them. Even as teachers, we continue to learn from our daily successes and failures.

Feeling lonely on this campus of 12,000? Look around you, and you will find a friendly face that is finding the Go(o)d in you.

I have found wonderful things in my last year and a half at Marquette, and I look forward to finding many more wonderful things as I continue to be a proud golden eagle.

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