Coping Mechanisms for Busy College Students

IMG_3023By Amanda Szramiak — Wow. This semester has already been extremely hectic.

With a forty-hour field placement, sixteen credit hours, writing for the Marquette Educator, volunteering at New School for Community Service and working as an intern in the Ott Memorial Writing Center, it has been hard to find time to breathe.

But, even though finding time to eat and sleep can be difficult at times, and I tend to complain a lot, I actually love being busy.

There is something about being on the go that makes me feel like an adult. I like that my planner is covered in sticky notes, and this also helps me decrease my Netflix intake, which was on my “do less” list for 2015.

I thought I would give some of my favorite tips that make it a lot easier to get through my busy weeks.

Tip 1: Write everything down (and I mean EVERYTHING)
I think I have mentioned my “slight” case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder so that helps with keeping my days in order. I write everything down multiple times. I have three different spots that keep track of things on my to do list. In my apartment, I have a huge dry erase board calendar that helps me see what’s ahead for the week. I write down everything in my planner, both on the monthly calendar as well as the individual week calendars. Post-it notes also help. Writing everything down also motivates me because I get to check things of my list, which is my favorite part of any homework or activity.

Tip 2: Utilize breaks
I have a love/hate relationship with having breaks in between classes. I used to love them because they give me time to go back to my apartment, eat, and, of course, hop into bed. The part I used to hate about breaks was that I always had to get up from my extremely comfortable bed. Lately, I have been going to the library in between my breaks, and this helps a tremendous amount. Plus, the Writing Center is in the library so I have been trying to squeeze in a few hours here and there.

Tip 3: Give yourself breaks
I am a firm believer that studying and/or doing anything for long durations of time (other than sleeping) is not beneficial. Even if you take a five-minute break in between reading chapters, do it. My break usually consists of playing my latest addictive application called, “AA.” Do not download it. My second favorite break is taking a trip to Starbucks to fuel my caffeine addiction, which leads me to my next tip.

Tip 4: Caffeine
I think the next greatest invention should be an IV drip that supplies energy-needy folks with coffee. Everyone would use it, and I think it would make the world a lot happier of a place. Going to Starbucks gets expensive and inconvenient. My coffee mug is only so big so I my coffee supply at home does not help when I am running around. I genuinely believe the perfect solution would be a coffee IV, and I would be the first to purchase one.

I hope my tips help those who are in need of some organization

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