Acting on a Stroke of Inspiration: My YOLO Moment

iStock_000005182627XSmall-Chapter-OneBy Aubrey Murtha — Well folks, I’ve decided I am writing a book.

Will it be a literary masterpiece? No.
Will you ever read it? Nah. 
Will it ever even leave my computer hard drive? Probably not! 

But I am going to do it because I am inspired.  And when Aubrey Murtha is inspired, she does stuff.

Most of my young adult life, I’ve been a rather routine person.  I go through the motions of daily life, do what it required of me, and follow a relatively typical schedule.  However, when I am artistically inspired, all my priorities tend to get shoved aside.  I delve into new projects wholeheartedly with little preparation and almost no thought.

I know what you’re thinking.  Aubrey, you’re absurd! You can’t write a novel with no prior planning!  Well—forgive me for being snarky—just watch me.

My point in telling this little story is that I think more people could benefit from acting on simple moments of profound inspiration.  Humans are, by nature, somewhat impulsive beings.  So why not capitalize on one of those “YOLO” moments of yours, and make something awesome.

Do something great.  Try something memorable.  The world is your oyster.

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